Would You like Expert Experience in Improving Your Company?

John Walsh

How would you like someone who has “sat in your seat” to collaborate with you on business growth, profit improvement, team development and generating ideas on performance improvement for your customers?

We can help you sharpen your skills by focusing on measurable results, connecting with clients, dealing with adverse conflicts and giving you the ability to continue your company growth.

When you need a trusted sounding board for insight in dealing with challenging issues you could rely on For Leadership Growth to be your resource.

Incorporated in 2000, as a Consulting and Coaching practice guiding leaders through Performance and Profit growth.

What Company President’s are saying:

John Walsh, president of For Leadership Growth, Inc. helps my management team focus on the right actions to drive our success. John’s unique approach to questioning and coaching helps us develop effective solutions to many key situations. John’s wide range of management and leadership experiences allows him to help us improve our performance in all functional areas. Most important is that John has a relationship touch—he helps in a way that results in each person feeling empowered and successful.” - Russ Scott, President & CEO

John’s past experience empowers you to be decisive, which has given our team the confidence to quickly focus our efforts. Clarified focus has saved us time and had a measurable effect on our business growth.” – John Argento, President & CEO

What’s keeping you and your key people up at night? Is it Customers, Sales Growth, Operations Improvement or Profitability?


  • Desire faster delivery, on time delivery and improved service, what actions support their concerns?
  • Trust in relationships are more important than long-term relationships, so what are you doing to build trust?


  • Sales team not acquiring new customers, so what strategies are you working on?
  • Marketing is not seeking new industries, how do you inspire them?


  • Revenues can go flat and profits declining, what strategies will improve performance?
  • Overhead increases are tying up needed cash, what are your improvements in cash?


  • Communications are strained and team work is weak so what actions are you using to develop trust in teams?
  • Costs are increasing, yet clients want prices flat or reduced, so how do you handled this challenge?
  • Competitors lowering prices and shorting delivery times, so how do you compete?

 For Leadership Growth, Inc. Can Tackle Your Challenges and Your Concerns – Head On

  • Management Consulting- listening to your challenges an insight plus implementation to support your visions and plans
  • Executive Coaching – investing in yourself and sharpening your skills and management effectiveness
  • Speaking – enlighten, educate, and motivate your organization on business topics
  • Sales Growth - plan, measure, and achieve your sales goals
  • Lean Systems - streamline your processes and increase organization efficiency
  • Advisory Board Support - knowledge growth from an experienced outsider viewpoint
Learn more on how our services will help you to ”Sleep Better At Night”
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