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John Walsh provides Business CoachingAre you seeking a coach with expertise and offers guidance in arriving at your answers?

Coaching translates into learning, doing and making a positive impact within your business. When coaching is engaged improvement is shown in overall job satisfaction. Coaching is a tool for developing and promoting continual improvement. A coach believes in the best interests of you, our client. Coaching is a relationship between a coach
and a leader involving respect, trust, confidentiality, safety, challenge and accountability.

Coaching can be change-oriented or growth-oriented. Coaching helps you to be true to yourself. As you trust the process your beliefs, attitudes and actions will focus on
your personal goals and exert energy towards achieving your goals.

Coaching involves an active listening which focuses on you seeking an understanding of your challenges and desired outcomes.  A good coaching model is built around you finding your answers and giving meaning to the answers you find in the action process.

A coach uses questions to light up options for dealing with challenges. Your coach encourages self-direction for striving for excellence. A coach helps you to be accountable and move into action. The value of coaching is doing, which impacts your business, your life and your outcomes.

Frequently Asked Questions About Business Coaching

Q: How long does it take to get results from coaching?

A: Each individual is different, however, coaching is not a one-time activity.
The best results are gained as a six- to twelve-month process.

Q: How would our coaching sessions take place?

A: One method is face to face and another is by phone.
Both require scheduling appointments and having a focused topic.

Q: How often would coaching sessions be held?

A: Sessions can be weekly, biweekly, once a month, quarterly or as needed.

What Our Clients Say

“Having trust and someone authentic was very important to me in seeking a coach. John Walsh made it safe for me to be open about my concerns. With this trust, I was able to quickly learn some insights which improved my productivity and provided balance in my life. John always makes sure that his coaching focuses on the benefits and results that I seek.”

- Melissa Reid, COO, Duratrack, Inc.

“In life, we all need to be reminded of our priorities. John Walsh helps me focus my energy and time in an effective and efficient manner. John’s style and practical business experience helps to provide valuable insight and guidance to my overall growth and development. The mentoring approach is well balanced and tailored to meet my specific needs. Working with John has helped my enormously in both my personal and professional life.”

- John Calmeyn, Executive Vice President, John J. Moroney & Company

“Our involvement with John Walsh focused on my priorities, skills, strengths, balance and management style. As my role became clearer, I was able to focus on business development, improvement in priorities and effectiveness with my management team. The mentoring process was of real value to the business, and also assisted in creating additional time for my family.”

- Geoff Rosenhain, CEO, Creata

Find the Right Road

Let coaching take you and your business to a new level. Contact us and we can define how to proceed on your journey.


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