Business Improvement presentations by John WalshHow would inspiration and insight lift your team and workforce to more efficiency?

When you need a keynote or breakout seminar speaker who triggers fresh insights into business leadership while delivering audience laughter—give me a call.

You will find a message from a speaker who has “been there and experienced that—first hand.” In holding responsibilities as a CEO and COO for privately-held companies, and serving on several Boards of Directors plus serving as Chairman of the Board for two associations, your audience benefits from practical applications helping you end sleepless nights.

Are you seeking a speaker who provides insight and humor with practical ideas for changing behavior and boosting organizational profitability?
Would you like real stories and ideas which foster audience participation on topics of leadership, improving customer service, building stronger relationships,
breaking through barriers, understanding clients internal “movie in their mind,” developing connections and improving growth and profitability? – Give me a call.

Now is the time to call and start the process of booking a speaker to lift your next meeting.

Your audience will hear stories that are based on personal experiences (see All About John) in delivering effective strategies. You will hear messages which
can take your organization up several levels.  Your audience will enjoy participation, entertaining humor, motivation and thought-provoking ideas while
gaining real-world strategies.

As a member of the National Speakers Association, presentations can be customized to match your requirements.
Your sessions can range from a keynote to a breakout session to a two-day intensive training program.

Audiences have been delighted in the value received and we offer a “No Gain – No Risk” guarantee. Contact us for the details.

What Our Clients Say

“It is always a pleasure having you be our keynote speaker because you are always well prepared, informed, and able to speak in a manner that puts the audience on the edge of their seats. Our members find you to be at the very cutting edge of creative thought about business problems entrepreneurs face both in their startup phase and continuing into their fast-growth phase. In my opinion, your presentations are always exceptional and we are very fortunate you continue to support our organization with your enthusiasm and wisdom.”

- Jerry R. Mitchell, President, Midwest Entrepreneurs Forum

“Our objective focuses on supporting our state association officers. Our theme encompasses membership growth, customer service and marketing. We engaged John Walsh to speak and share his business experience in fostering association growth. Our session was fast paced with audience involvement, stories, practical applications and best practice ideas for success. John ‘s session proved to be an uplifting segment in our day’s program and the attendee feedback we received was excellent in every way.”

- Dan H. Mathews Jr., Senior V.P. & COO, National Automatic Merchandising Association   (NAMA)

“We seek experienced executives to present seminars for business owners in our Entrepreneurship Program. We are extremely pleased to have John Walsh on our team. Each of his presentations has been insightful and thought-provoking. He receives excellent evaluations and encourages business owners to successful performance.”

- Jamaluddin H. Husain Ph. D., Coleman Chair in Entrepreneurship, E-Center,                   Purdue University Calumet

Topics Available Include

Move Forward– Get Your “Strategic Action Plan” Completed in one day or two days

  • How to plan and get your team implementing the plan
  • Learn the steps to get everyone in the same boat and rowing in the same direction.

Growing in Leadership – What can Accelerate Your Performance?

  • Inspire managers and employees to step up in leadership qualities
  • Learn ideas for people to listen, communicate and take action for success

10 Ways to Increase Sales with Customer Service

  • How to keep customers happy and returning
  • Learn the ways to customer loyalty and increased business.

Connecting and Growing

  • How to connect with existing customers and prospects for growth
  • Learn methods that work, are fun, and productive.


Consider the benefits of having thought-provoking ideas, humor and motivation brought into your organization?

Contact us today to discuss the type of presentation best suited to your next meeting.

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